Jumat, 07 Juni 2019

Asem Asem Iga Buncis

Abang tukang sayur masih pulkam, kayaknya sebulan lagi baru balik deh, hahaha.... Berarti bakalan masak daging ayam dan sapi terus yang emang udah stok di kulkas. Ini nih yang bikin krucils marah, soalnya freezer isinya penuh dan gak ada tempat buat nyimpen es krim, hahaha.......

Yasud, akhirnya gw bikin asem asem iga buncis aja yang gampang. Kebetulan masih ada stok buncis, cabe rawit merah dan tomat hijau, langsung deh eksekusi.

500 - 600 gr iga sapi
Buncis secukupnya, potong seukuran jari
Cabe rawit merah, kerat
5 buah Belimbing wuluh, bealh dua
5 buah Tomat hijau, belah empat
4 sdm air asam jawa
2 sdm kecap ikan
2 sdm bawang merah goreng
2 sdm bawang putih goreng
Daun salam
Jahe, geprek
Lengkuas, geprek
Sereh, geprek
Merica bubuk
Gula danGaram secukupnya
Penyedap rasa sapi jika suka

Cara membuat:
- Rebus iga sapi bersama, sereh, salam, jahe dan lengkuas geprek sampai empuk , lalu masukkan kecap ikan, bawang merah dan putih goreng, merica bubuk.  Biarkan mendidih.
- Masukkan belimbing wuluh, tomat hijau, cabe rawit merah, dan buncis. Masak sampai lunak lalu masukkan air asam jawa, gula, garam, dan penyedap rasa jika suka.
- koreksi rasa dan sesuaikan dengan selera. Pastikan ada rasa asam segar, semriwing rasa pedas dan gurih.
- Sajikan bersama nasi putih hangat.

Senin, 22 Oktober 2018

Jamur Krispi

Kangen ngeblog di sini. Yasud kita posting yang gampang aja dulu….

Krucils suka banget sama jamur tiram krispi dan paling sebel kalau beli di luar ya teksturnya terlalu kering sampai ke dalam. Rasa jamurnya hilang dan cuma kayak tepung goreng aja. Yasud akhirnya gw pakai resep ini yang renyah di luar tapi kenyal jamur di dalam.

150 gr jamur tiram, cuci bersih lalu peras sampai kering
1 butir telur
merica dan ketumbar secukupnya
60 gr tepung bumbu ayam krispi siap pakai

Cara: lumuri jamur dengan kocokan telu, merica, dan ketumbar sampai merata. Lalu aduk dengan tepung bumbu ayam krispi siap pakai. Nanti jamur memang agak basah tapi nanti dia akan menjadi krispi ketika digoreng. Justru ini bagus karena minyak tidak jadi kotor akibat tepung kering yang digoreng. Masak sampai kuning keemasan, angkat dan tiriskan.

Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Tumis Kerang dan Tomat

I eat shellfish rarely. I have a typical allergic reactions after eating certain seafood such as oysters, clams, squid, cuttlefish, prawn and salted fish except anchovy. I realized that I tolerated some fish, mussels, shrimp, crab and lobster, but anytime I would ingest clams, scallops and oyster for once to satisfy my appetite and i don't give a damn about my skin reaction. All i have to do is letting the symptoms run their course. It's only itchy bitchy skin for all day and nothing compare to the taste of those seafood, lol!

This mussels or we called 'kerang hijau' is one of shellfish that found in Indonesian market easily and cheap too. My family used to eat steam mussels. Just boiled the mussels with it's shells until cracked. Put some chili, onion, garlic, bay leaves, and lemon grass and the taste is incredible. Today, i cook mussels without shells with tomato. The ingredients are same with steam mussels and only add 2 tomatoes, cut into cubes and cook it in low heat. This is pan-fried instead of boiled and needs a little bit oil to cook it.

Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Singkong Thailand

Cassava with coconut milk, it's easy to cook, cheap ingredients with great taste. I found a sack of cassava, about a half kilo for only 5000 rupiah brought by Abang Tukang Sayur.  So happy :-)

Actually, i have no idea how to make snack from cassava. I like comro or cassava ball with oncom inside, but too lazy to make it. I avoid fried cassava even though that's my fave coz my hubby still get cough and unwilling to eat any fried snack.

It is a simple recipe. You only need a few ingredients such as 500 gr cassava, boiled with 1-1.5 liter of water and a pinch of salt, vanilla flavor, and pandan leaves. Please be patient, you should cook it in low heat until the cassava cracked. Then put in 100 ml coconut milk (thick) and sugar according to your taste, semi-sweet, sweet, or too sweet, it's up to you. Just cook until the coconut sauce is thickened. It's much much better if you chill it first before eat. You can put shredded cheddar cheese on it as a topping.

Senin, 19 Januari 2015

Gulai Ayam

The weather in Depok isn't good anyway, unpredictable, and strange. It could be rain for a while then suddenly the sun is smiling at me. It could be rain in a whole days  as if there is a open faucet in the sky. It's flu season and people are going to get sick. Actually it isn't that the weather causes the illness, but it does seem to reduce the body's effort to ward off sickness. Yes, indeed and my husband is the first victim in our home. He got bad flu with shivers but ain't worry enough coz i think he can managed himself. He drinks a lot such as coffee, tea, ginger milk, lime tea with honey, and etc.  Like other man or boy, he little bit finical (sorry honey :-D). The hardest task i have to do is avoiding the kids from the flu. I can't split them  from his dad anyway, with this little house and there's no place to hide :-p  The only and best way to do is keep my kiddo's health. Their food and drink intake, exercise and rest are my responsibility. Yup....  that's why i couldn't stop cooking and provide my family the hot and fresh food from my kitchen, dapurpippi.  I took the recipe from here but i reduce the use of chili coz my kiddos don't like if the taste is too hot.

Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Cappelletti with tomato and butter sauce

Last month i bought some cooking ingredients from sukamart.com. Firstly, i only want to buy wasabi in small tube. I can't find wasabi at supermarket here, so i search at internet and found this site. Oh gosh, so many things i want to buy here, cheaper, and free delivery cost for jabodetabek area, yihaaa...... And it's easy to predict, i was crazy anyway looking good stuff here, and bought  a lot of ingredients for my kitchen stock. I found this pasta, cappelletti, cute name huh? never seen this before. I cook this for my third days of Five Days Food Challenge. Wow, it's easy and great taste :-)

I used 500 gr Cappelletti, a big onion (chopped),  3 tomatoes (peeled and chopped), 3 slices smoked beef (chopped), tomato sauce, and butter. Don't forget to put pepper, basil, and oregano just a little and cheese (i used cheddar). Simple recipe but great. My kiddos love it so much 

Siomay Ayam Jamur Tiram

My second food pic on Five Days Food Challenge, Siomay Ayam Jamur Tiram or Chicken dumplings with mushroom. It's great and cheap anyway. The mushroom is cheaper than mackerel that i used  before. I just bought 6.000 rupiah for the mushroom and 17.000 rupiah for chicken breast. If i used mackerel, it cost 60.000 rupiah. Yeaayy..... but the taste not great as mackerel. Sometimes money can't lie, lol! If you are vegetarian, you just skip the chicken  but it still need eggs. I will post the recipe later :-D