Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Cappelletti with tomato and butter sauce

Last month i bought some cooking ingredients from sukamart.com. Firstly, i only want to buy wasabi in small tube. I can't find wasabi at supermarket here, so i search at internet and found this site. Oh gosh, so many things i want to buy here, cheaper, and free delivery cost for jabodetabek area, yihaaa...... And it's easy to predict, i was crazy anyway looking good stuff here, and bought  a lot of ingredients for my kitchen stock. I found this pasta, cappelletti, cute name huh? never seen this before. I cook this for my third days of Five Days Food Challenge. Wow, it's easy and great taste :-)

I used 500 gr Cappelletti, a big onion (chopped),  3 tomatoes (peeled and chopped), 3 slices smoked beef (chopped), tomato sauce, and butter. Don't forget to put pepper, basil, and oregano just a little and cheese (i used cheddar). Simple recipe but great. My kiddos love it so much 

Siomay Ayam Jamur Tiram

My second food pic on Five Days Food Challenge, Siomay Ayam Jamur Tiram or Chicken dumplings with mushroom. It's great and cheap anyway. The mushroom is cheaper than mackerel that i used  before. I just bought 6.000 rupiah for the mushroom and 17.000 rupiah for chicken breast. If i used mackerel, it cost 60.000 rupiah. Yeaayy..... but the taste not great as mackerel. Sometimes money can't lie, lol! If you are vegetarian, you just skip the chicken  but it still need eggs. I will post the recipe later :-D

Oncom Cumi Asin

A few days ago, my friend in Kyoto asked me to join Five Days Food Challenge on Facebook. This challenge order us to put  a food pic per day. Yeah.... i joined but failed, coz i can't through this until finish in five days. I got only 3 days coz of my bustle. Gosh .... there's too many paper i should read.
By the way, my first day i made oncom cumi asin or tofu lees with salted squid. I don't know how to say oncom in english. It's a lees or some waste when you made tofu and it was fermented until full with fungus. My kiddos don't like oncom coz the fungus. It's disgusting, they said, hahaha...... For me, oncom is my mood booster. My fave food all the time in first tier is oncom. There;s no stiff recipe  to make this. You only need onion, garlic, chili or sambal, salt and sugar and a little bit broth powder. I added sweet basil to make good flavor on it. Don't forget to boil the squid first to make it soft and reducing the salt.