Senin, 19 Januari 2015

Gulai Ayam

The weather in Depok isn't good anyway, unpredictable, and strange. It could be rain for a while then suddenly the sun is smiling at me. It could be rain in a whole days  as if there is a open faucet in the sky. It's flu season and people are going to get sick. Actually it isn't that the weather causes the illness, but it does seem to reduce the body's effort to ward off sickness. Yes, indeed and my husband is the first victim in our home. He got bad flu with shivers but ain't worry enough coz i think he can managed himself. He drinks a lot such as coffee, tea, ginger milk, lime tea with honey, and etc.  Like other man or boy, he little bit finical (sorry honey :-D). The hardest task i have to do is avoiding the kids from the flu. I can't split them  from his dad anyway, with this little house and there's no place to hide :-p  The only and best way to do is keep my kiddo's health. Their food and drink intake, exercise and rest are my responsibility. Yup....  that's why i couldn't stop cooking and provide my family the hot and fresh food from my kitchen, dapurpippi.  I took the recipe from here but i reduce the use of chili coz my kiddos don't like if the taste is too hot.

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