Senin, 08 September 2014

Junk Food

Yes, i'm a lecturer in political science. I teach politics in some countries and mostly with conflict inside. Ethnic conflict, religion conflict, racial conflict, and more. Learn them makes me moderate and pragmatism because in my thought the truth is relative, so is religion. I am a moslem and of course i do believe my God, Allah and Prophet, Mohammed, but above all, i do respect with others.

Related with this, a few days ago, my son, Jaja told me that he didn't want to eat pitsa, kefsi, and mekdi (pseudonym refers to junk food restaurants).  Surprise, well.. well... well, beyond a doubt, never expect Jaja would say just like that since junk food already become his food master.  And of course i asked the reason why. He told me that he wouldn't spend his money again for Israel or United States who support Israel. What happened with Israel? My curiosity was  in highly degree. Jaja said that a thousand people in Gaza was killed by Israel and as a moslem i should support Gaza. Ouch..... his explanations punch my heart and my mind, where did he knew about Israel, Gaza, US, or products of them? Yep...yep...he learnt from anywhere. One thing i like so much from Jaja's explanation was that he did it because solidarity as a moslem and as a human, not about the truth of the religion.

I said okay to him, if he wanted to. That was his principle that should have respect from me. U Ottama, Burmese Theravada Buddhist Monk had the same thing with his boycott to British products and so was Gandhi in India.  Beside that, i quietly happy with this because i never like junk food at all and good for his health too.  To satisfy his longing about those food, i cook fried chicken and corn cream soup. Enjoy it kiddo, the healthy junk food special made for you :-)

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