Senin, 08 September 2014

Another Junk Food: Burger Patty

In every time we go to junk food restaurant, burger was always in Jaja's request.  He combined burger with french fries and lemon tea as a favorite menu. It was hard to change because it also happened to his father aka my husband. Sometimes they change the drink into soda and at the night, their stomachs bloated. Icha, my daughter not like her brother. She refers eat grilled chicken with slices cucumber or lettuce. She kind of me but the difference is she like white rice a lot. Every time she eats, she finished  the rice first, then the vegetables and meat or fish for the last. It is not about save the best for last. Observing how she eats, remind me the technique of combining food diet. It will reduce some fatties in your body because you are eating the right way according to how the digestive system works. I tried once after Icha's born and it works. I lost 10 pounds in 7 months but it rose again after i lost control of my diet, yeah..yo yo mode on. I hardly knew my self, never refuse good food, ever, lol!
So, because  of my love and my affection to Jaja and his dad, i made this patties for them. I used 1 pound minced beef and mixed it with three eggs, 5-7 tbsp coarse bread crumb, pepper, salt, sugar, chopped onion (big one), and 4 cloves of garlic.  I fried them with low heat and a little butter and keep it perfectly fried. I got 25 patties and  put into Tupperware and keep it in refrigerator to make it last. It was easy prepare, healthy, and always make your family warm, not only your kitchen.

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