Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

I'm back with Banana Poffertjes

Finally, i write this blog again after a long...long time absences. Actually last 2013, i had wonderful time for my self. I resign from administrative position in campus, my term was over at January 2013 exactly. I only had some lectures, write a book, and trip to many places. Me and family was moved to our new house at Depok, moving my kids to their new school. Yup, many things to do, not hard but not easy too. Coz, our house is near to our office, me and husband have a much time to waste , it's only 10 minutes to go there. No traffic jam, no wet coz of rain drops, no heat, yay! But, for all of my spare time, i forgot to write this blog :-D

Oh, i need to tell this. I bought DSLR Camera last month, Canon EOS 600D. It was at promo time at EC, Margo City. I got credit installment for 12 months. So, it was cheap for me, hahaha..... I need it for my travelling. At October 2013, i went to Papandayan Mountain and it was gorgeous, awesome. Some friends of mine use DSLR Camera to take pictures over there and i only use pocket camera. I was envy, so hard. I told to my hubby for this and he said that he would like to buy it for me. I refuse his offered. I wanna buy it myself, with my money but i was too stingy to open my purse. And then, when the promo came with rational price in my thought, i bought it, yay! Now, i learn again how to take some picture of my food  with this camera.  I think i have no style of art or art of style ( i don't know which one is right :-p) for foody pics. So, better for me to start again , with different style of writing, pictures, and language. Using English in this blog makes me familiar with this language. I need this for my proposal, having plan to continue my study abroad. Sorry for the grammar :-)

Yup, lets talk about food now and stop for the intermezzo :-D. Last week, Abang Sayur ( a man who usually sell some vegetable around) brought me some banana, Pisang Uli. Most of it for banana fried and some are left for the mix of cake. My first plan was made banana cake but i remembered that my oven not in good condition. The temperature control lost function, it always hot like 220 Celsius degree and charred almost always, sigh! So, i move for second plan, made some cookie which baked on the stove. I looked up my takoyaki maker and i had an idea to made poffertjes with banana flavor. 

I use recipe from this site, but i skip cheddar cheese and add pure banana from two bananas which almost rotten. I put a pinch of baking powder beside the yeast too. I think the dough is heavy coz of the banana and not enough for the yeast, so i put the baking powder, and the result was great, perfectly expand. I love the taste, banana flavor never dies. Here is the picture, just one pic, the last one coz it was too late to remember taking picture for this, hahaha...........

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